The driest of all the biomes.


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                                              Desert Biome Quiz


1.) The average tempature of a desert is ___ degrees in the summer time.


2.) ________  means that an animal sleeps during the day and lives during the night.


3.) True or False. The reason animals come out only at night in the desert is because of the tempatures.


4.) All plants in a desert have to have certain qualitie(s) to be able to survive. This(ese) qualitie(s) is/are.....

         a. Be able to survive up to a year without a normal source of water

         b. Be able to survive the extreme tempatures of the desert

         c. Be able to find water by itself from a different source than rain

         d. None of the above

         e. All of the above


5.) Plants in a desert can find water from undergrouind water sources with their long ______.


6.) Desert lands have a possibility of becoming ______.

        a. Livable

        b. Farmable

        c. communities

        d. None of the above


7.) The two greatest health concerns when visiting a desert are _______ and ________.


8.) True or false.  The desert biome is found on the western coast of South America and the Southwest coast of North America on the western side of the map.


9.) The soil of a desert is very _____ , _______ , and _________.


10.) _______ and _______ are some of the most common plants that can survive the very dry featues of a desert.







Desert Biome Quiz Answers


1. 90

2. Nocturnal

3. True

4. (e) All of the above

5. Roots

6. (b) farmable

7. heat and water deprivation

8. True

9. dry, rocky, and thin

10. sagebrush and cacti


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